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「彩虹之旅」Into the Rainbow

INTO the Rainbow Tour is a child friendly tour which combine language learning with a Fun tour. Parents are welcome to join us.



Why South Africa is also called the Rainbow Nation? 


Desmond tutu_reducedThat is not because rainbows often appear after the rain in South Africa.  It is because one of the Nobel Peace Prize Winner and the first black Episcopal Bishop Desmond Tutu’s description of what the image of South Africa would be after Apartheid came to an end. “Rainbow Nation” means the diversities of race and culture have been growing and will grow together peacefully on the same land.

In 1994, the year Nelson Mandela was elected as the President of South Africa, he declared to the world that South Africa has officially become the Rainbow Nation.

 並不是因為南非經常在雨後天晴不斷的出現彩虹。而是由1984年諾貝爾和平獎的得主,也是第一位黑人南非聖公會主教Desmond Mpilo Tutu形容種族隔離政策被畫上句點後的南非,意指多樣的種族、文化在如此美麗的土地上並生的南非。

之後由Nelson Mandela在1994年,當選總統上任後,對國際及國內宣稱如今的南非已蛻變為和平的彩虹之國。


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What makes our Rainbow Tour unique?


  •  We combine language learning with a fun tour.        
  • 我們結合了「趣味旅遊」及「語言學習」


  •  We offer a child-friendly tour.
  •   我們提供了一個友善的兒童旅遊


  •  The children will gain knowledge and experience what they will never forget.
  •  孩子們將會獲取永生難忘的知識及經驗


The goals of the Rainbow Tour


  • 增加大量英語字彙,提昇英語口說能力
  •  To enlarge English vocabulary, to improve English listening and speaking skill.


  •  學習珍惜地球,並尊重大自然及野生
  • To learn about nature, respect the earth and its wildlife.


  •  異國民族文化的正向衝擊
  •  To experience the positive impact of foreign cultures.


欲須進一步查詢,請聯絡我們的旅遊經營者 (亞洲地區) ─ 謝豐縈

For further inquiry, please contact our Tour Operator (Asia region) Fengying Hsieh




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